What if I don't receive my item on time?

l We recommend first to check the shipment status of your item. If the item wasn't delivered by the promised delivery date, you may contact our customer service for a refund. At present, our commitment is that in all countries and regions, items must be delivered to the customers within 60 days of shipping (Exceptions: national holidays, big promotions like 11.11 and 618). If the seller promises a shorter shipping time on the product page, the seller's promise overrides ours. If there is a problem with the item during transit, you can contact our customer service.

l If you do not receive your parcel after 60 days, please contact Customer Service for support within 30 days past your estimated

 delivery date. Claims made after this 30-day deadline will not accepted.

Still need help? Feel free to contact us. We will respond within 24 hours.