Detailed Rules for Furniture, Kitchenware and Home Decorations

l  Return and Repair Eligibility: 

    Unconditional return within 30 days after the date of receipt

    Return due to quality issues within 30 days of the date of receipt

    Return due to quality issues within 180 days of the date of receipt (for household electronics only)

Some products have different return policies and requirements. Refer to the product description page for more details.

          l Notes: 

1. It is advisable to keep the original packaging for at least 30 days from the date of receipt.

2. Paint, varnish, painting tools, glue, wall stickers, decorative stickers, and scented candles cannot be returned unless there is a quality issue.

3. Kitchenware and bathroom accessories, decorative materials, lamps, electrical materials, furniture, and hardware cannot be returned once installed, unless there is a quality issue. These items are required to be returned together with the original packaging and separate packaging for each accessory. Remote controllers should also be returned.

4. Home textiles cannot be returned once they have been washed or the tag is removed, unless there is a quality issue

5. For unconditional returns, items must maintain their original quality and functions, be returned with all accessories, security labels, warranty cards, lot numbers, and logos or tags intact. Otherwise, items that have no quality issues cannot be returned

6. Items damaged due to incorrect installation, disassembly, or operation cannot be returned

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