Prohibited and Restricted Sales Policy of JD International

I. Overview

Any information relating to or directly describing prohibited and restricted sales is prohibited from being listed on JD International. JD international is entitled to take measures against sellers for violating any of these rules in accordance with Prohibited and Restricted Sales Policy of JD international.

No user shall evade these rules or content stipulated in other regulations and announcements of prohibited items by any means. Otherwise, they shall be punished more severely.

II. List of Prohibited Information

JD International users shall not list any items in violation of the laws and regulations of any country, region, and jurisdiction or the regulatory requirements of JD International.

List of Prohibited Information on JD international describes the information that is prohibited or restricted from being published on JD International. It is for reference only. However, the integrity, timeliness, and accuracy of the information is not be guaranteed. The platform is entitled to add, delete, or modify the following information in accordance to the laws, regulations, regulatory requirements, and rules of the platform. Meanwhile, users are obliged to ensure that items they list do not violate the requirements of any jurisdiction.

Unless otherwise specified, the Prohibited and Restricted Sales Policy of JD international also applies to information published and online transactions stipulated in the JD JOYBUY.COM Service Agreement.

The Prohibited and Restricted Sales Policy of JD international also applies to JD English and other language sites.

If an importing country has special laws, regulations, and announcements from corresponding platforms, the laws and regulations of the importing country and the latest announcements of the platform shall prevail. If announcements in the Chinese version differ from that in the English version, the announcement content differs from other stipulated rules of JD international, or there are other matters that are not detailed, JD reserves the final interpretation right.


Banned Items and Information

(I)   Guns, military and police supplies, and dangerous weapons

1.   Biochemical, chemical and nuclear weapons, and other weapons of mass   destruction;

2.   Real guns, ammunition, and large weapons;

3.   Related equipment and main components of guns and ammunition;

4.   Imitation guns (for example, air guns, starter pistols, BB guns, and   paintball guns), gun accessories, spear guns and fish spears;

5.   Other controlled instruments that temporarily incapacitate or cause major   injury to the body of others, for example, tasers, pepper spray, bows and   crossbows;

6.   Controlled blades, for example, springblade knives, long knives, combat   knives, and military knives. For details, see Attachment 5 Rules on Release of Blade Products;

7.   Controlled instruments that may endanger the personal safety of others, for   example, nunchucks, kubatons, expandable batons, spiked bats, ronin forks,   and darts;

8.   Items or information that contain religious or racial discrimination, for   example, items containing the Nazi symbol;

9.   Police uniforms, police badges, police equipment, and products;

10.   Restricted police supplies, for example, handcuffs, shackles, riot shields,   riot helmets, and riot suits.

(II)   Illegal drugs, precursor chemicals, and drug related tools

1.   Tranquilizers, psychoactive drugs, addictive drugs, natural drugs, steroids,   and class-1 precursor chemicals;

2.   Class-2 precursor chemicals and steroids;

3.   Class-3 precursor chemicals;

4.   Drug related tools and accessories;

5.   Tools used to help smuggle, store, sell, transport, and produce drugs, for   example, hemp growing lamps.

6.   Methods and books for making drugs.

(III)   Flammable, Explosive, and Dangerous Chemicals

1.   Explosives;

2.   Flammable and explosive chemicals;

3.   Highly toxic chemicals;

4.   Radioactive substances;

5.   Toxic chemicals;

6.   Substances that damage the ozone;

7.   Fireworks, igniters, and accessories;

(IV)   Destructive information such as reactionary information

1.   Books, audio and video products, videos, and files that contain reactionary   information, endanger national unity, undermine the state sovereignty and   territorial integrity of the country, undermine social stability, involve   national secrets, disturb the social order, propagate heresy and superstition,   or are prohibited from being published according to laws and regulations;

2.   Terrorist organizations and racial discrimination.

(V)   Pornographic, vulgar, and aphrodisiac materials

1.   Audio and video products that include pornographic content, pornographic chat   services, and accounts and invitation codes to adult websites and forums;

2.   Child pornography materials;

3.   Pictures that contain naked body parts;

4.   S&M products;

5.   Worn and used garments;

6.   Vulgar or offensive language.

(VI)   Items and Information Involving Personal Safety and Privacy

1.   Identity cards and similar documents, for example, birth certificates,   passports, visas, and driver’s licenses;

2.   Software and devices that are used to intercept and steal private information   or secrets;

3.   Devices that are used for illegal filming, recording, and evidence taking;

4.   Software, tools, courses, and products for stealing or cracking account   passwords;

5.   Personal information and internal company data; services such as personal   mobile phone positioning, call list queries and bank account queries;

6.   Bank credit cards and debit cards, bank card readers and duplicators.

(VII)   Medicine, Medical Apparatuses, and Beauty Apparatuses

1.   Medicine (including prescription drugs, OTC drugs, hormonal drugs, and   chemotherapy drugs);

2.   Medical consulting and services;

3.   Diet and sexual wellness drugs for internal use;

4.   Traditional Chinese medicine;

5.   Medical equipment;

6.   Beauty apparatuses, BOTOX injections, and IVD reagents.

(VIII)   Illegal Services, Documents, and Bills

1.   Documents and bills, for example, textile quotas;

2.   Financial services, financial consulting, illegal fund raising, investment   services, insurance services, and banking services;

3.   Legal consulting, lottery services, educational certificates, and related   services;

4.   Debt collection services and subscription or audience adding services.

(IX)   Animals and Plants, Animal and Plant Parts, and Tools for Killing Animals

1.   Human organs and remains;

2.   Endangered or protected animals, living bodies, viscera, limbs, fur,   specimens, or other products of endangered animals, and fossils of extinct   animals and existing protected animals of above level 2, for example,   endangered animals protected according to CITES;

3.   Meat of cats and dogs, fur of cats and dogs, fin, bear gall, and its   products;

4.   Key national and international protected animals and plants and their   products, for example, endangered animals protected according to CITES.

(X)   Illegal Income Involving Stealing and Software, Tools or Devices that Are   Used for Illegal Purposes

1.   Signal blockers, for example, jammers;

2.   Stolen vehicles and tools;

3.   Gambling tools, for example, slot machines;

4.   Decoders or other devices (for example, satellite signal transceivers and   software and TV dongles) that are used to illegally obtain TV programs,   networks, calls, data, or other protected or restricted services;

5.   Illegal software used for fraud;

6.   Software or other tools that are used to send spam;

7.   Exam cheat tools;

8.   Commodities that may be used to circumvent traffic laws.

(XI)   Tobacco and Its Products and Electronic Cigarettes

1.   Cigarettes and tobaccos, for example, cut tobacco and tobacco leaves;

2.   Tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars;

3.   Electronic cigarette oils

4.   Cigarette materials, for example, cigarette paper, filter rods and cigarette   tows.


III. Consequences of Policy Violation

Violations refer to illegal behavior that violates national laws, regulations, rules, policies, and orders or violating stipulations of the service agreement or platform rules and actions suspected of damaging the legal interests of buyers, merchants, JD international, or other related subjects.

Violations are categorized as serious violations and general violations and are determined by JD international based on the following rules:

To guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of users or JD International and maintain the normal operating order of the market, JD International has the right to take the following measures against violating users based on this rule and other relevant rules in the following circumstances:

General violations refer to other violations of the service agreement and platform rules other than serious violations.

Measures for general violations

1. Restrict participation in marketing events: Restrict merchants from participating in official JD International marketing events.

2. Restrict the listing of new items: Restrict sellers from listing new items.

3. Block shops: Block shops and items of the seller from appearing in search results, item categories, and marketing.

4. Public notice: The violation and measures taken will be publicly announced in the merchant management system of JD International and on merchant forums.

Serious violations refer to illegal behavior that violates national laws, regulations and rules or substantially violates the stipulations of the service agreement or platform rules, severely infringing upon legal the rights and interest of other merchants and buyers and severely disrupts the operation of JD International.

Measures for dealing with serious violations

1. Shop closure: The shops of infringing merchants will be closed, all items will be removed from the shop, and the merchant will be prohibited from creating new item listings and opening new shops. 

2. Account seizure: Permanently prohibit users from using the infringing account to log in to JD international or the merchant management system.

The JD International is entitled to decide on the severity of the measures taken in accordance to the severity of the violation.

Severe measures for general violations: Severe measures will be taken against general violations that are considered as malicious acts, for example, if similar repeated violations are founded, the punishment will be doubled.


Behavior Types

Circumstance and   Frequency of the Violation

Other Punishments

Listing banned or   restricted items

General violation: 20   points/instance

1. Return or delete the   prohibited information.
  2. If an order is found to involve the sales of banned or restricted items,   JD International will cancel the order. If the buyer has made payment, the   buyer will be refunded at full amount in spite of logistic conditions and the   seller takes full responsibility.

Serious violation: Shop   closure.


The violation points will be accumulated. If the accumulated points reach 100, measures will be taken against the seller.


Other notes:

1. All active and inactive listings may be sampled for inspection. If a violation is found, measures will be taken in accordance to the relevant regulations.

2. The preceding items listed is not exhaustive and JD international may make adjustments on occasion.

3. For especially serious behavior such as malicious evasion (including but not limited circumstances where the seller is hiding, covering up, and being vague in listings as a means of evading platform management, the platform reasonably determines that the user of an account or other accounts controlled by the user are punished due to serious violation, and the user of an account or others accounts controlled by the user are being formally investigated by Chinese or foreign regulatory authorities, or the platform has reasons to believe that the circumstances severely affect the platform or negatively impacts the platform although not being formally investigated), JD International reserves the right to directly close the infringing shops without prior notice.

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