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Become a Supplier

At we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a wide range of exciting products at the most affordable prices.

Since our beginnings in 2016, has sold over 400,000 products worldwide. With established access to over 100,0000 products through our parent company and a database of over 1,000,000 active users, we are confident that we can deliver your products to the world on a robust ecommerce platform.

We have worked hard to create a wide range of products to cover all our customers’ needs, and we are always on the lookout for amazing new products. Becoming a supplier gives your products the opportunity to be seen and purchased by millions of people. Our suppliers are valued for their quality and reliability, and we enjoy building long-lasting partnerships with them.

Our mission is to deliver reputable Chinese products to the global market place at affordable prices, we hereby welcome you to apply below.

Please refer to the JD Supplier registration process guidelines below:

Basic information:

1.Deposit:  $US 1,000

2.Payment method (Monthly or Half monthly):        

  1) Monthly: The 1st of each month is the settlement date for the previous month’s period;     

  2) Half monthly: The 16th and 1st of the following month are the settlement dates for each half month’s period.    

3.Logistics: At supplier's discretion

Registration qualifications:

The following documents are required for HK/International Suppliers:     

1) Business enrollment license     

2) Registration license     

3) Incorporate group establishment table      

4) Bank information identification     

5) Director identification     

6) Doubled sided copy of Director’s ID/Passport     

7) Brand authorization license or Agency authorization license   

8) Trademark registration license     

9) Test report

The following documents are required for Domestic Suppliers:     

1) Business license     

2) Tax enrollment certificate     

3) Organization code card     

4) Incorporate body representative ID card copies (both sides)     

5) Brand authorization license or Agency authorization license     

6) Trademark registration license     

7) Test report


1. I am already a registered supplier, what should I prepare for the registration?    

    Since you have qualified with the process is very simple. An approximately 3-person team is required in to order to provide an English (and preferably also Russian) description of the goods, cross-border logistics, and English customer service.

2. Our products are already on do I need to re-register to get them on     

     Yes, however we have provided the following “quick copy” tool to make this a seamless process.

3. Is it necessary to offer a Russian product page?     

     Russian product pages can improve Russian users’ CVR significantly. In the future we plan to offer a multi-language automatic translation tool, to satisfy the language needs of our customers.

4. I'm not familiar with any cross-border logistic companies, can make some recommendations?  has long standing established relationships with some of the biggest logistic companies in our target market, that can provide highly efficient and attractively priced services. We will happily recommend our trusted logistic partners if required.

5. Can we only use USD to pay? What if I don’t have USD account?     

     Yes. A USD account is required. If you don't have a USD account, we would be happy to introduce our verified third-party partner, Payonner, to you. As a financial institution which focuses on money transfer, payoneer providers financial services in over 200 countries and regions with transactions in more than 150 currencies to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all cross-border financial service. Additionally, you can also match your payneer account to JD, and receive money from JD.

We look forward to cooperating with you.

If you have any questions please contact us at, and we will promptly reply. 





  1. 保证金:1000美金

  2. 结算方式:      

     1)每自然月:以每个自然月为结算期,每个月1日为上月结算日;     2) 每半自然月:以每半个自然月为结算期,每月16日与次月1日为结算日;   

3. 物流:卖家自主发货




香港/境外公司,需提供:     1)商业登记证     2)注册证书     3)法团成立表格     4)银行信息证明     5)董事身份证明     6)董事身份证正反面复印件     7)品牌授权书或品牌代理授权书     8)商标注册证     9)质检报告

境内公司,需提供:     1)营业执照     2)税务登记证     3)组织机构代码证     4)法定代表人身份证正反面复印件     5)品牌授权书或品牌代理授权书     6)商标注册证     7)质检报告


1.我已经是京东国内平台商家,入驻海外平台要准备什么?     答:您已经具备了良好的运营基础,只需要为海外业务配备3人左右的运营团队,完成商品描述页面的英语化(最好能实现俄语化),对接跨境物流公司,和做好英语客服。

2.我在京东国内平台的商品,需要再上传到海外平台么?     答:是的。为了提高您的效率,我们已计划提供“一键复制”的工具给您。

3.俄语化是必须的么?     答:商品页俄语化有利于大大提高俄语用户的转化率。我们正在计划提供多语言自动翻译工具,以满足多种小语种的客户。

4.跨境物流公司我不熟悉,能推荐一些么?     答:可以的,我们可以为贵司推荐行业内的物流合作伙伴,并且我们已经与目标市场的大型快递企业形成联盟,为我们的商家提供高效且价格有吸引力的服务。

5.结算只能美金吗?如果我没有对公美金账户呢?     答:是的,只结算美金。如没有对公美金账户,我们可以提供我们认证的第三方合作伙伴payoneer给您,Payoneer 作为专注全球资金下发的金融机构,支持以150多个币种到账200多个国家与地区的当地银行,以一站式互联网金融简化跨境收支。您可以申请一个payoneer企业账户绑定京东平台,即可接收京东的货款。



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